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Published:May 4th, 2012 19:32 EST
The New Millennium Poll Tax

The New Millennium Poll Tax

By S Renee Greene

Voters across America are being disenfranchised and separated from their rights and their protections.

There are older people across the nation who were born before there was such a thing as a "Birth Certificate," there are students whose student ID worked in the past, but who are now in a position where they can vote if they have a Gun Permit, but not a Student ID. There are low-income minorities who cannot afford to pay for IDs and who have enough on their tables that they can`t afford without being required to pay for the right to vote.

If the government is issuing free IDs, fine; but no one should have to get an ID to vote if the government is not paying for the privilege.

It`s called the "New Millennium Poll Tax." And it is not only unconstitutional, it`s illegal and illogical; and it should be.

The most common excuse for this disenfranchisement, especially amongst those citizens who are still only two amendments away from not being citizens because the Constitution is more than 200 years old and should have been revised a long time ago, is VOTER FRAUD.

The Justice Department, even prior to Barack Obama`s election, could never find any evidence of it that the instigators of this alleged Voter Fraud had not put there themselves.

If the `Teapublican` push to disenfranchise American voters, especially those who have been voting all of their lives (until now), isn`t evidence enough that those who accuse others of voter fraud are only telling on themselves ... what is?

If they`re going to demand Voter ID`s, they need to supply them. No one should be paying for the right to vote.