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Published:May 5th, 2012 11:20 EST

Kitty Survives Two-Hour Washing Machine Ordeal!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A cat survived after it was tossed around inside a washing machine for almost two hours in Johannesburg, the South African newspaper The Star reported Friday.

Karin Bennett, 63, heard meowing noises coming from close to her washing machine and began to search for her cat Tabitha.


When her washing machine cycle finished, she went into the laundry and discovered Tabitha`s furry face looking back at her through the machine`s glass."


Cats like warmth as much as an alcoholic loves booze or a celeb bimbo loves cocaine. When I dry my clothes, before I can take out the first article of clothing, my cat jumps into the warm pile of clothes inside the dryer. My cat also like to sit on top of the TV where it`s nice and warm, and she sleeps behind the fridge where it`s also warm.

We shouldn`t cast aspersions on Karin and accuse her of being senile, careless or negligent; I`ve almost closed my fridge with my cat inside a couple of times.

It`s a good thing felines have nine lives, because they are always getting into predicaments. Tabitha probably has only one life left after her ordeal; I hope that Karin watches her very closely.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org (Generic Cat, Not Tabitha)

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