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Published:May 5th, 2012 18:15 EST
Supermoon Shines Brightly Tonight on Cinco de Mayo

Supermoon Shines Brightly Tonight on Cinco de Mayo

By Ron G Anselm


With all the nightly celebration that will be going on tonight in celebration of Cinco de Mayo I am sure there will be a few Margaritas making their way from the local bars to the tables of many customers all over the place tonight. Just remember as you are downing your fifth Margarita and that one-hundred proof Tequila is turning your sober senses to none sheets to the wind that as you look outside and see the beautiful huge moon shining brightly in the night sky wherever you may be that it is not the effects of the Tequila making that moon look larger than life it is what is called a Supermoon "

A Supermoon is when the moon will be at its perigee, the closest point to the Earth along its elliptical orbit. The moon will also be full, making for quite a spectacle. This is expected to happen tonight at 11:34 pm Eastern Time Zone.

The Griffith Observatory in my home state of California stated, "The centers of the earth and moon will then be 221,801 miles apart, 17,056 miles closer than average," (Williams, C, 2012) The last Supermoon we had that put on a view that many will be talking about for years to come occurred on March 19,2011. The night sky was lit up so bright it was like sitting under a lamp shade with a 120 watt light bulb. Of course that Supermoon was about 400 kilometers closer than normal Supermoons so that probably accounted for the brighter night sky.

The only problems that Supermoons have is the possibility of higher tides which may cause a little more beach erosion. So, when you take your morning stroll tomorrow on the beach with that Maxwell House coffee cup in your hand watch stepping on that slimy seaweed that feels like wet slime between your toes. There may be a little more of it on the edge of the beach because of the higher tides caused by tonight`s Supermoon.

Tony Phillips who works for NASA stated, The moon will be "14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than other full moons of 2012," (Phillips, T., 2012) So, if your power may be out tonight just open up your drapes and shades and let the moonlight shine in.

So, as you sip down those Margarita`s and look towards the sky later tonight just remember that big bright ball of light in the sky is not the effects of the Tequila in your Margaritas but the effects of a spectacular show put on my Mother Nature and Science. The best time to take in the Supermoon and for the best viewing is when it is near the horizon.


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