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Published:May 7th, 2012 11:32 EST
Failed Attempt to Rob a London Liquor Stores Leaves Knife-Wielding Underwear Man Exposed

Failed Attempt to Rob a London Liquor Stores Leaves Knife-Wielding Underwear Man Exposed

By Ron G Anselm

I have heard and read some of the most bizarre stories or should I say dumb stories, some of which had characters in them that made them humorous and dumb. Furthermore, the people starring in them weren`t trying to be funny they were just that stupid that made the stories humorous by accident; however this story takes the cake.

A London man by the name of Tazviona Maluge Bhebe or should we even use the term `man` maybe replace it with moron decided he was a little down on his luck and short on cash decided to put a pair of underwear (blue boxer shorts) on his head and go into a liquor store in the heart of London and rob it.

Maybe he should have used Haynes cotton underwear instead of boxer shorts to put on over his head, then he could have at least drew a little face on them and even a happy face so when he was robbing the Liquor store clerk it would have had a little more of a positive spin on the situation rather than the clerk having to look at a talking pair of blue boxer shorts with no face on them attached to someone holding them at knife point. He could have even sat down with the clerk, poured a shot glass full of Jack Daniels and discussed how he thought he would be able to pull this caper off.

Man, what a moron! As this interesting story unfolds the next event featured the Liquor store clerk having enough and losing patience with the pair of talking blue boxer shorts and deciding to end this genius of all geniuses event and proceeded to grab one of the sales signs or what is known in the retail business as a Point of Purchase sign and took the sign and beat the talking pair of underwear with it.

As we continue unfolding this story the next event featured Bhebe or lets refer to him as the talking pair of underwear (same thing) getting pummeled by the clerk (probably like Mike Tyson pummeling Pee Wee Herman in the ring like that would ever happen ) and the blue pair of boxer shorts slipping off Bhebe`s head revealing his face. Police were able to identify Bhebe by the security camera and toted him off to jail.

A word of advice to Bhebe when he gets out of the big house and decides to pull off another dumb event like his last one, use cotton underwear, the elastic waistband is tighter and more secure so when the next clerk beats use profusely with another point of purchase sign in your next robbery attempt, the underwear will at least stay on your head!