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Published:May 7th, 2012 17:10 EST

Is Nelson The Baby Parrot The Ugliest Bird In The World? See Pics!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"He has a face that only a mother could love.

But sadly for poor Nelson, his didn`t.

The parrot chick, who must surely be a contender for the ugliest bird in the world, was rejected by his parents after he hatched."


Daily Mail

Pretty boy, he ain`t!

This parrot chick, Nelson, looks like a cross between Lady Gaga and a salamander. He looks like a mutant that would be singing Sex Pistols songs in a post-apocalyptic world.

Everything is beautiful in its own way, but you would have to be on acid to find this thing anything but repulsive.

But even ugly ducklings and ugly baby parrots deserve to live, and this ugly little bird is being taken care of by the staff at the Bergzoo in Germany.

Nelson is expected to grow up to be a handsome parrot.

Click Daily Mail link to see incredible pics of Nelson:

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