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Published:May 8th, 2012 11:58 EST
Forced Child-Killing, Chen Guangcheng, and Obama`s Disgrace before God

Forced Child-Killing, Chen Guangcheng, and Obama`s Disgrace before God

By SOP newswire

It appears that the blind Chinese dissident and activist -- Chen Guangcheng -- who has spent 20 months under house arrest for challenging and fighting against forced child killing (abortion) in China will come to America. 

But we must remember the truth about Obama`s true colors in this international drama:

At first Obama would not acknowledge Chen existed;

Then the U.S. embassy seduced Chen (and pressured him) to leave the U.S. embassy under false pretenses;

Then the embassy personnel abandoned him to great danger in the hospital;

Only after increasing media coverage about the danger he and his family faced did the U.S. stay involved;

The U.S. bowed to the largest regime of child killers in the world...and let them "save face" by never confronting -- or even discussing --- the most heinous crimes of child killing in the world;

The U.S. then further bowed to the Chinese by allowing Chen to come here as a "student."

It appears that the Obama administration has not uttered one word of condemnation of criticism of China`s brutal one child policy.   

Mr. Terry states:

"Chen is not being granted political asylum; the U.S. Government did not in any way discuss, condemn, or even acknowledge the fact that the Chinese government forces millions of Chinese women every year -- who are weeping, screaming, and begging futilely for mercy for their children -- to kill their children. 

"Due to the fact that the Main Stream Media is covering this saga, they will cheer for Obama... when in fact that they should be embarrassed at his silence on the underlying issue of forced child killing. 

"Let us remember that Bill (and Hillary?) Clinton held Chinese men and women in prison for years who sought refuge here on The Golden Venture after fleeing forced abortion and forced sterilization in China. (Some were deported to other countries, some were eventually granted asylum, some were sent back to China where God knows what they faced.) 

"Perhaps the only crime America commits that rivals the murder of our own children by abortion is the fact that we have granted most favored nation status to a nation that has forced the murder of over 300 million babies. The oppressed Chinese people make our flat screen TV`s, our Nintendo games, our `circuses` that fill the aisles of Walmart -- perhaps the morning after their children are ripped out of their mothers` wombs -- and we look the other way... just like President Obama and Hillary Clinton are doing now. 

"I will focus like a laser beam on these issues in my Presidential run this fall. My goal is to cause Obama to lose 5% - 7% of the vote in key swing states -- from Catholic and Evangelical Democrats who voted for him in 2008 -- and thereby deny him a victory in November."

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