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Published:May 8th, 2012 13:51 EST

Masseur Sues John Travolta For Sexual Battery

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Actor John Travolta has been hit with a sexual battery and assault lawsuit by an unidentified masseur.

The massage therapist, identified in documents as John Doe, claims that Travolta responded to an advertisement for his services in mid-January. He alleges that their subsequent session was a nightmare of unwanted advances, touches and bizarre declarations about sexual favors in Hollywood.


Travolta`s representative has declared the suit to be nonsense. `This lawsuit is a complete fiction and fabrication. None of the events claimed in the suit ever occurred," the rep told Entertainment Weekly.`"

Los Angeles Times

Travolta shouldn`t let a PR flack speak for him, if he`s innocent he should speak for himself in his own words.

From a legal perspective Travolta is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but in the court of public opinion we are free to render our verdict immediately.

My opinion: It`s the worst kept secret in Hollywood that Travolta is gay, but would he badger a masseur for sex? Hollywood stars believe they are entitled to VIP treatment wherever they go, and I wouldn`t be surprised if Travolta expected the masseur to humbly oblige and grant him sexual favors.

Travolta`s glory days are over and he`s not Hollywood royalty anymore, he shouldn`t expected to be treated like a king, or in his case a queen.

Nobody has a problem with Travolta`s sexual orientation, he was born that way, but sexual battery is a crime. I hope that Travolta`s wife and the masseur join forces to take him to the cleaners.

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