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Published:May 8th, 2012 14:37 EST

Some Folks See Naked Woman On Face Of New Plastic Canadian $20 Bill

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Focus groups say Canada`s coming new plastic $20 bill has images of a naked woman and New York`s World Trade Center towers, CTV News reported.

The bill was introduced by the Bank of Canada last week in Ottawa after weeks of scrutiny by focus groups conducted by the Strategic Counsel across the country, the report said.


Under freedom of information requests, the broadcaster said several people reported seeing at least one naked character in the bill."


For the record the new Canadian $20 bill doesn`t have images of naked women or the World Trade Center towers. I guess when some folks look at money they get greedy and start seeing things that aren`t there.

I wouldn`t complain if they introduced a dollar bill with a picture of a naked woman, it would be an improvement of images of dead white guys.

A few people complained about the "naked woman", but nobody said a darn word about the bill being plastic. Americans will tolerate a president who ate dogs as a child, and we`ll put up with high gas prices, but we will never accept plastic bills.

Well maybe if they had images of naked adult movie starlets...

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