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Published:May 9th, 2012 12:07 EST
Drilling in Arctic Ocean begins in July

Drilling in Arctic Ocean begins in July

By SOP newswire2

As you read this, Shell Oil`s rigs are making their way to the Arctic Ocean to start drilling, as soon as July. The ships are headed to Arctic waters where, twenty years after the Exxon Valdez, fish and wildlife species are still impacted by exposure to lingering oil.

The memory of the BP oil spill and its environmental devastation is still fresh in our minds, but despite these disasters, the oil industry now has its sights on the fragile Arctic Ocean.

 Please tell President Obama to protect  America`s Arctic Ocean!

The waters along Alaska`s northern coast provide vital habitat for polar bears, walruses, ice-dependent seals, endangered bowhead whales, and millions of migratory birds. The Arctic Ocean also is  a phenomenally harsh environment. Broken ice covers the Arctic Ocean for much of the year. Storms with hurricane-force winds can whip up 20-foot seas. Temperatures drop to 40 below zero. It is dark half the year. The oil industry is not prepared to drill safely in the Arctic Ocean.

Retired Vice Admiral Roder Ruff, who helped prepare the Coast Guard`s review of the BP oil disaster, has described the U.S. ability to address a spill in icy conditions as "pretty abysmal."2 The United States Geological Survey, the scientific branch of the Department of the Interior, concluded that because of major scientific gaps about the ecology of the Arctic Ocean "it is difficult, if not impossible" to make informed science-based decisions about oil and gas development in America`s Arctic Ocean.

More than 500 scientists recently joined in sending a letter to President Obama asking him to not allow oil drilling to proceed this summer.3 Drilling in the Arctic Ocean is unsafe, not supported by the science, and threatens millions of migratory birds.

Join over one million people who have already asked the President to protect America`s Arctic Ocean.


  David Yarnold
  President & CEO