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Published:May 9th, 2012 23:16 EST

American Idol Top 4: Sanchez Skinny, Phillips Restrained, Ledet Exceptional, Hollie Gone

By Robert Paul Reyes

Tonight I will share my thoughts and impressions of the American Idol Top 4 Performance Show. This won`t be a linear, song by song analysis of the performances, that`s not how the human brain works and it`s not how I roll. We remember random moments, and emotional highlights.


Phillip Phillips beautiful interpretation of Damien Rice`s "Volcano": No histrionics, no spastic dancing, no facial contortions. A smoldering, intelligent performance. Bravo!

Jessica Sanchez: A skin-tight pants outfit that accentuated her skeleton appearance -- not a good idea. Standing ovation! Has excellence become boring?

Hollie Cavanagh: Sexy British accent covers a multitude of deficiencies. Bitter disappointment on Hollie`s face at the relatively harsh comments from the judges.

Joshua Ledet: Another standing ovation from the judges! One standing ovation too many? American Idol viewers don`t like to be bullied, will they lash out against the neo-soul crooner? Church, Joshua took us too church again. Hallelujah!

The boys are safe, Jessica and Hollie will be the bottom two performers. If Hollie had done a halfway decent job singing Bonnie Raitt`s "I Can`t Make You Love Me", Jessica would be the next one to be booted out.

Hollie, God bless her, will be the next contestant kicked to the curb.

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