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Published:May 9th, 2012 11:53 EST
Is Lindsay Lohan a Diamond in The Rough Or a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

Is Lindsay Lohan a Diamond in The Rough Or a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

By SOP newswire2

Lindsay Lohan:

Which one of the following doesn`t fit? Hmmm . . .

Lindsay Lohan gets arrested for drunk driving . . . pretty much not a surprise

Lindsay Lohan steals a necklace . . . I can see that

Lindsay Lohan used drugs . . . duh

Lindsay Lohan violates probation . . . again?

Lindsay Lohan shows up late to everything . . . who doesn`t occasionally?

Lindsay Lohan gets invited to the White House Correspondents` Dinner . . . WTH!?!

Lindsay Lohan delivers on the theory of the bad boy. You know what I`m referring to "the bad boy boyfriend--the one we know isn`t right for us.  And regardless of how much we try to ignore it, we can`t stop plunging into the headlines to read once again how she`s made a mess of her life.

Our favorite Parent Trap twin should be making headlines for her red carpet appeal rather than for judicial disrespect. It`s become a Hollywood rite of passage for our young celebrities "make a big career wave with your breakout movie or record, make an even bigger splash as you belly flop into the world of damaging choices.  We have all witnessed many stars crashing down and often they recover to be the superstars they set out to be (think Britney Spears) but they haven`t done it alone. Britney`s dad stepped up and let her handlers know that enough is enough. Guess what, it worked and we now have savvy Britney staging a comeback that "s much more than a jumpstart "her alleged alliance with Simon Cowell is a career skyrocketer!

Celebrities struggling to strap on a life jacket find that they`re in the same boat as Lohan "their sense of reality mystifies even the most loyal fan. They need their hands held, their money guarded and their reputation salvaged by someone who is mature enough to see the big picture. If Lohan lived in our normal everyday world, she may never get hired to work another day based on the recklessness and irresponsibility that fills her resume. But her name is Lindsay Lohan and the same rules that apply to us, don`t always apply to celebrities.

We all recognize that Lindsay is at a place in her career where she needs to get it together. She`s a talented young lady who`s in need of a battery swap. Now is her time to change the negativity that encompasses everything that she has been doing and move forward as a mature, non bad-boy-like adult. It is time to start thinking about a future "one that goes beyond the next movie role.  Lindsay should focus on longevity and sustainability. Those two buzzwords depict just about everything we wish for from green to economy so why not try them on Lindsay?  At some point, luck is going to run out and we (the media, the fans, the producers) will not be so forgiving.

Rosie O`Donnell had it right when she said that Lohan needs to take some time for herself and to stop working because it isn`t working! Her last publicized appearances have been nightmarish and embarrassing to watch. Fox News host Greta van Susteren opened a giant door for Lohan with the White House Correspondent`s Dinner invite and by all accounts, although Lindsay arrived late due to flight delays, she behaved as a celebrity should "with grace and charm.

So that`s one night. But then there`s tonight and tomorrow and the next day and the next. To stay on track, Lohan has to focus on who she wants to be, how she wants the world to see her and whether the spotlight wreaks havoc with her confidence or generates the amps needed to recharge her self-esteem.  She appears to have no idea who she is, where she wants to go and what it takes to get her career back.  Her branding needs a revamp as much as she does. 

People like to root for the underdog and Lohan is definitely the underdog. She must be somewhat convincing with her come to Jesus " moment because the opportunities keep coming her way. Unfortunately, she may not have any idea how to capitalize on these breaks to win back the fans that have chosen to follow others.

Lohan`s been given the Elizabeth Taylor crown to depict; let`s see if she`s a diamond in the rough or a cat on a hot tin roof "sidestepping and tiptoeing through the clutter that has defined her life so far to reach her place in the sun 

By Amanda the bizgal

Amanda the bizgal is a national branding expert to celebrities and professional athletes, author of I am Not a Smartie Pants!, a national TV career coach and branding expert. She has been quoted in the LA Times, Yahoo Sports, US News and World Report, International Business Times: New York,, FOX Business News, Radar Online, Google News, The Hollywood Reporter, E! Online, Chicago Tribune and The Montreal Gazette. For more information about Amanda the bizgal please visit or follower her at @bizMebizgal