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Published:May 11th, 2012 12:28 EST
`Deceit` Gives in Depth Look At the Struggle for Equality of Women at the Turn of 20th Century

`Deceit` Gives in Depth Look At the Struggle for Equality of Women at the Turn of 20th Century

By W. C. Hewitt

The Titanic is ready to set sail on her maiden voyage under unsavory conditions and the Twentieth Centuries newest heroine, Elizabeth Brunnette is the only hope to prevent her untimely demise.   


Take a dash of Conan Doyle, add a pinch of Cussler and introduce the vibrant adventures of Elizabeth Brunnette.

"Deceit" places you in the center of the Workers` Revolt in turn of the century England. Lenin and his entourage have arrived to stir the working class into organizing and force the British government into labour strife. Though only a receptionist, Elizabeth Brunnette`s stunning facade puts her in the prime position to infiltrate Lenin`s inner circle and report his shady workings back to MI-5. Danger, love and excitement burst through the seams as Elizabeth`s story unfolds through her highly informative diaries and the story weaving of a persistent young reporter nearly a century after her time.

"Deceit" is an immersive, fun read that is easy to pick up and hard to put down. The characters, based on people who have entered the author`s life, take your hand and let you into their world; a world you will not want to leave until the final page. Rated as historical-fiction/adventure, "Deceit" has blown away its reviewers all across the internet for its historical accuracy and its in-depth character study.

Where Conan Doyle had Sherlock Holmes, W.C. Hewitt has introduced a heroine for a time period when women were not yet equal or liberated and given her all the freedoms of a man, without sacrificing any of her femininity or womanly characteristics. She personifies a middle class woman not afraid to compete in a man`s world. The character is well rounded: she has emotion, failings and moments of triumph like any human being.

Available as the first in a forthcoming series, "Deceit" can be purchased for the Kindle or Nook at their respective websites: and More information about Deceit, W.C. Hewitt and Elizabeth Brunnette`s adventures can be found at:,,, and W.C.`s twitter feed at

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