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Published:May 10th, 2012 11:42 EST
Mideast Conference on Weapons of Mass Destruction: 13 Questions for Netanyahu

Mideast Conference on Weapons of Mass Destruction: 13 Questions for Netanyahu

By SOP newswire2

  1. Why does the  majority of world Jewry refuse to live in your country notwithstanding  that they could have automatic Israeli citizenship if they left their  homes in New York, Paris,  London and  elsewhere?
  2. Why does the  Israeli government consistently claim to speak for a constituency which you  know full well, it does not represent?
  3. Why does Israel improperly claim to be the only  democracy in the Middle East?
  4. Why does Israel  improperly claim that the IDF is the world`s most moral army?
  5. Why does the IDF  claim to be the world`s finest fighting force when they have no experience  whatsoever in fighting any army that is fully trained and equipped? 
     Why does the IAF  claim to be a crack air-force when it has never had to fight an enemy  equipped with F16 strike aircraft, bombers and helicopter gunships?
  6. Why do so many  Jews feel uncomfortable, if not ashamed, at the illegality of Israel`s continued inducement of its  citizens to leave Israel  and settle on Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem?
  7. Why do you claim  to support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in  accordance with the wishes of the United Nations and then use every  opportunity to prevent such a state by expropriating large areas of the West Bank in a deliberate act of sabotage.
  8. Why does Israel demand $3 billion every year from  American tax payers in civil and military aid when it has no need of such  aid and when there is such widespread unemployment in America?
  9. Why is Israel the  only state in the world to be in conflict with virtually all its neighbors?
  10. Why does Likud  improperly claim that political Zionism is a synonym for Judaism, when  they know full well that one is a political movement and the other an  ancient religion and that any link between the two is tenuous?
  11. Why does the US president have always to defer to the unelected  Israel lobby in Washington when  formulating American foreign policy?
  12. Why is Israel the  only undeclared nuclear weapon state in the world with an estimated  arsenal larger than that of Britain, or even France, and yet is not a  signatory (as is Iran) to the NPT  or liable to inspection by the IAEA


By Douglas Reed