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Published:May 11th, 2012 22:03 EST
2012 End of Times: To be or not to be?

2012 End of Times: To be or not to be?

By Ian Brockwell

A recent report has thrown doubts onto the belief (by many) that a Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world in December 2012. A small painted room was excavated at the Maya ruins of Xultun, Guatemala, where images on the ceilings and walls also revealed calculations that indicate a calendar that extends beyond the year 2012.

Scientists have quite rightly asked the question of why the Mayans would make astronomical calculations beyond 2012, if the world was going to end as some assume before then.

The discovery of the "small painted room" was made some time last year, but reports of this discovery have only just been released.

Some may think that this is an attempt to cover up the "truth" about 2012, although I have my doubts about that. However, it is a strange coincidence that this information should appear at this moment in time.

Whether there is any real significance to the 2012 prediction remains to be seen, we will find out soon enough.

There is one thing I do find interesting and that is the mention of the Mayan`s ability to predict moon phases and planetary movements so far into the future. By some strange coincidence there was a television programme (yesterday) that reported on a mechanical device (the oldest known complex scientific calculator/computer) that was able to do exactly the same.

This device, called The Antikythera mechanism, was made more than 2,000 years ago on a Greek Island of the same name and was discovered in a shipwreck off Point Glyphadia in 1900.

Considering the lack of astronomical equipment at the time, the Antikythera mechanism is a truly remarkable device that can take account of the numerous lunar variations, as well as predict the location of the main planets in the future. It consists of many gears which were all made to fit in a relatively small wooden box.

As only a fragment of the Antikythera mechanism remained in the shipwreck, it took scientists many years to discover how many gears there were and the number of teeth on each cog (using specially designed equipment and x-rays to examine the remains).


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It is amazing to think that such a mechanism could be built, especially when many on the planet (centuries later) still thought the Earth was flat!

How did a person in Greece or the Mayan civilisation develop the skill to understand such complicated astronomical calculations, without any scientific equipment (not even a telescope)?

It is also odd that these discoveries occurred on at least two different locations on the planet at more or less the same time. Could some alien influence be responsible for this very advanced knowledge? Perhaps some of the ancient Mayan drawings that have also been discovered answer that question, as many seem to reveal alien beings.   

2012 may not produce an "end of times", but there is plenty of ancient information to explore that may reveal more about our future, and our past.