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Published:May 11th, 2012 14:08 EST

American Idol: Joshua Ledet Needs Courage & Jessica Sanchez Needs A Heart!

By Robert Paul Reyes

This cranky and snarky pop culture critic derived no pleasure witnessing Hollie Cavanagh go home on "American Idol" on Thursday night.

It seems every Thursday she landed with a thud on the bottom two, but she always maintained her composure and sweet nature. Hollie doesn`t have the vocal prowess of Jessica Sanchez or Joshua Ledet, but she has a lot of courage. Ledet wasn`t the only one bawling like a baby when she was kicked to the curb, my eyes are still a tad moist.


And then there were three:

Jessica Sanchez

Jessica has talent in abundance, but she`s missing a heart. In her months long journey on Idol her singing and dancing have improved, but along the way she hasn`t learned how to make an emotional connection with the audience. Unless the producers of American Idol can bribe the Wizard of Oz into giving her a heart, she`s not going to win the competition. I predict she will be the next contestant to get the axe.

Joshua Ledet

Joshua on the other hand has plenty of heart, he leaves the stage drenched in sweat and tears. But Joshua lacks one thing, and one thing only: Courage. Wizard are you listening? This week Joshua should implicitly or explicitly announce his sexual orientation. Ledet can take the subtle route and sing "Born This Way", with all of his heart and all of his soul, or he can simply declare that he`s proud of being a gay American. Only by coming out will Joshua beat the odds.

Phillip Phillips

Phillip was born with good looks, a white countenance, and a modicum of talent, what the hell else do you need to win American Idol. Just take a look at the last few white nice guys who won the competition.

Your next American Idol: Phillip Phillips!

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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