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Published:May 11th, 2012 10:47 EST
Are You Tired All The Time?

Are You Tired All The Time?

By SOP newswire

People who are chronically tired, despite adequate sleep are said to be suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

It is a medical conundrum as the exact cause is unknown.  Patients suffer extreme fatigue that cannot be explained by any serious underlying problem.

There exist theories as to the etiology behind this debilitating condition.

1. Epstein Barr virus said to cause Infectious Mononucleosis

2. Lyme disease. Caused by the bite of ticks.

3. Gluten sensitivity, Celiac disease, without severe diarrhea.

4. Non de-script inflammation of the nervous system.

5. Stress.

6. With the exception of testing for 1-3 there is no specific laboratory or other test that is able to confirm the diagnosis.

6. Obesity

7. Gender. Females outnumber males



1. Debilitating lassitude.

2. Muscle aches and pains.

3. Headaches.

4. Duration longer than 6 months.

5. No relief from bed rest.

6. Difficulty with activities of daily living.

7. Unrefreshed after adequate sleep.

8. Concentration problems.

9. Joint and muscle pain

10. Irritability

11. Mild fever.

12. Painful lymph nodes in neck and under arms.


The diagnosis of CSF is usually made by exclusion of other diseases such as gluten sensitivity, autoimmune diseases, under active thyroid (Hypothyroidism), MS, psychological problems, especially depression.



1. Supportive and non specific.

2. Trial of gluten free diet.

3. Often medication for anxiety and depression are used with varying degree of success.


By far the most important form of treatment is a comprehensive nutritional program accompanied by a gradual specific exercise schedule.  Interactive guided imagery has had success if practiced on a long term basis. We empower patients suffering from CSF to assist in their own treatment. Our program consists of all three modalities. Patients have 1- 2 consultations at most. A recording device of the guided imagery and medical hypnosis session is used and patients listen to the recording twice daily. Psycho neuro immunology is the method by which guided imagery has its effect. The immune system is stimulated, thereby treating the disease. If anxiety and depression is coexistent, which it often is, in cases of CSF guided imagery is of great benefit to treat those symptoms.

Other modalities of treatment include massage, yoga,  meditation, breathing exercises, biofeedback and music therapy.



1. Inability to interact at work and socialize, which may lead to isolation aggravating pre-existing psychological issues.

2. Depression.

3. Medication side effects.

Encouragement by family members can be of great importance.



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