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Published:May 11th, 2012 21:06 EST

RSPCA: Are They REALLY `Preventing Cruelty to Animals`?

By Ross (The Hammer) Hemsworth

Animal Cruelty and Re-homing: Are your Donations Being Spent Correctly? (Part 1)

You may have read in the news recently, the story of nature lover David Brown bequeathing his wildlife haven to the RSPCA in his will, a charity he trusted to maintain and look after it. However, after his death, the RSPCA repaid his trust by selling the land to property developers, and to the horror of his former neighbours, the habitat was flattened " in just 12 hours.

In this week`s programme, The Hammer chats to people about their experiences with this organisation, and ask are they REALLY `preventing cruelty to animals`? We also ask if too many `rescued` animals seem to end up on `death row` so soon, and whether your donations are being channelled into the correct areas.

Hammer also looks at the work of many smaller animal rescue organisations and asks if it is better to donate to these more local establishments, and name them in your will. The programme also explores the legal wording of a will which may dictate how a property or funds may be used by such an organisation dealing with your bequest.

**This programme contains information about the euthanasia of pets and animals by a shot bolt system that some listeners may find disturbing.

Ross `The Hammer` Hemsworth has his own TV chat show in England, together with a global radio show and was one of the pioneers of online broadcasting setting up his first Internet radio station back in 2004. He has been in the broadcasting business for many years and has appeared in many popular TV shows including Ghost Detectives, Now THAT`S Weird and Haunted Halloween Live, and was BBC trained for radio.

Hammer says he has worked in almost every radio slot except breakfast `cause that`s just too damn early!" He recently hit the top spot in the TOP 5 SUPERJOCKS on American radio industry website and that`s not bad for a Brit! He has a big following in the USA and Canada through his global shows, plus a big social network following so in 2012, he wants to take America by storm and has been looking to relocate to the States to find a permanent home for his show.

So watch out folks - you`re about to be hit by The Hammer!!

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