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Published:May 11th, 2012 20:57 EST

Swedish Ladies Live In Fear Of Flatulence During Intimate Moments

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Swedish pharmacy chain said its survey indicates one in three women in the country have declined sex due to fears of flatulence during the act.

Pharmacy chain Kronan said the survey, carried out by research company Novus, indicates about one in three Swedish women have passed up intercourse because their stomachs indicated gas release was on the horizon."



I`m guessing the research company didn`t pose this question to individuals in person; I would be tempted to punch anyone who asked me such an indiscrete question.

If a gentleman`s stomach indicated gas was on the horizon, and his arse confirmed this by blasting a cloud of flatulence, it still wouldn`t dissuade him from trying to get his freak on.

It is not a dude`s stomach but another part of his anatomy that dictates whether or not he will engage in sex.

Ladies shouldn`t be so timid; it would take more
than a fart to spoil the mood for a guy. If a lady farted, vomited and her head started spinning during an intimate moment, the average guy would continue with the act.

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