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Published:May 12th, 2012 13:10 EST

Non-Story Of The Week: Motorcyclist Flees Cops Until He Runs Out Of Gas!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Texas said a motorcyclist who refused to pull over led police on a chase through several cities before running out of gas."


This UPI article has all the ingredients for a thrilling story, except a fiery climax. A cop chasing a biker through several cities ending with the biker crashing into a gas station setting off a fireball -- now that`s a great read.

But this chase ends when the unnamed biker simply runs out of gas. We should at least have been told what the biker said to the cop when he ran out of gas: Sorry dude, I should have pulled over sooner?

This, friends and neighbors, is what you call filler; an article that originally appeared in the Dallas Morning News, simply to take up space.

On the Internet there`s seemingly endless bandwidth, so why am I writing a story about a non-story?

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