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Published:May 15th, 2012 15:12 EST

Lady Gaga Hated By Islamists In Indonesia, Christians In South Korea & Hipsters In America

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lady Gaga looks set to cancel her sell-out show in Indonesia because the police believe her sexy clothes and dance moves undermine Islamic values.

A national police spokesman said the permit for Gaga`s June 3 concert - the biggest show on her Asian tour - had been denied.


Jakarta police made the decision after critics said the Born This Way Ball would corrupt the country`s youth." Sky News 

Pop culture is our greatest and most influential export, people all over the world worship our movie stars and pop stars. Even people who demonstrate against our foreign policy in places like Iran and Gaza are wearing American T-shirts while holding up signs reading "Death to America."

Jazz artists and blues legends who can no longer fill arenas in the United States are venerated in Europe and Japan. American pop stars are goodwill ambassadors who represent the creativity and freedom of our great country.

And then there`s Lady Gaga, who represents the dark side of the American dream. A Lady Gaga concert is an o[r]gy of excess, materialism, and cheap theatrics. Lady Gaga is the embodiment of the "Ugly American", she doesn`t respect the moral values of countries like Indonesia. Gaga charges her fans in Third World countries the equivalent of a month`s salary to attend her concerts, and she delivers bubblegum and profanities.

Lady Gaga considers herself a performance artist, and she`s simulated her death on stage on more than one occasion. Would it be poetic justice or irony if she was murdered on stage by an incensed Muslim?

For the good of American`s reputation, Indonesia`s sensitivities, and Lady Gaga`s safety it would be best if her concerts in Indonesia were canceled.

Lady Gaga started her Asian tour last month, and most of her concerts sold out. However, in South Korea the pop tart also faced controversy, Christians objected to her "immorality and godlessness."

I object to Lady Gaga`s artifice, lack of talent, theft of Madonna`s music, overuse of Auto-tune, exploitation of gays and l[e]sbians, publicity stunts, and silly costumes. I hate to make common cause with Evangelicals and Muslims, but Lady Gaga isn`t a Lady and I`m not gaga over her music.

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