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Published:May 15th, 2012 15:07 EST

World Without Wonder Woman

By Sean Stubblefield

We --as a society and as individuals --should ask ourselves: why, in this era of feminist revolution, is there still no Wonder Woman movie or TV series?

Why, in 2012, has the only onscreen representation been one halfway decent animated movie (and feeble fan film)? We haven`t even gotten so far as a pre-maturely canceled half-season.

(David Kelley`s Palicki attempt does not count: it was canceled at pilot stage, and rightly so, because it -- from what I saw--was awful and not WW)

Wonder Woman was chosen as an emissary and ambassador from Themyscira to enter the Patriarch`s World, charged with the mission of bringing peace to the outside world. Unlike other super heroes, her mission wasn`t simply to combat crime or defend the planet, but to serve as an inspiration to uplift, as well.  She was to be an emissary for truth and justice, showing us a better way to relate to each other; seeking to unite the people of our world with love and compassion. She even carried a lasso of truth! She is a warrior for peace.

On an episode of Harry`s Law, Erica Durance (in what may be her greatest performance yet) portrays a character who assumes the role of Wonder Woman, as a response to psychological trauma.

She uses this identity as both defense mechanism and to avenge battered women--like herself.

In her own defense at her trial, she gives an impassioned speech  about how and why we need Wonder Woman. Because even today, even in America, women--as a demographic--are still being abused and oppressed and second guessed, still treated like second class citizens or less than men, still maligned and undermined.

The glaring and embarrassing absence of Wonder Woman on TV and movies reveals and illustrates that point.

We need a character like Wonder Woman to speak and fight against injustices to women.

This may be her greatest strength. In this capacity is Wonder Woman a necessary avatar and advocate for women`s rights and equality.

We`ve had many incarnations of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Hulk. But where are the female centered superheroes on TV and in movies? Incredibly, inexcusably, there are none!

Wonder woman is an iconic figure, commonly mentioned and included with such esteemed characters as Superman and Batman. Imagine, consider-- Wonder Woman an equal to Batman and Superman! Indeed, these three are known as DC Comics` Trinity.

The reason--the problem-- is not that female leads cannot carry a well written superhero story on screen. That`s  a myth, easily dispelled.

Nor is the reason a lack of qualified candidates to play her, and here are just a few: Katie Holmes, Cobie Smulders, Olivia Wilde, Cory Eversen, Evangeline Lilly, Tabrett Bethel.

Nor is the reason a lack of audience interest; since approximately half the general population and comic book/ sci-fi fandom are female. Let`s not forget that many males would also be interested in seeing Wonder Woman on screen "and not just for prurient aspects. She would and could appeal to all ages.

Is her omission due to being a complicated and complex character that is difficult to write for?

Ok, that I`ll grant. She is one of the most misunderstood and mishandled characters in comics. But it can be done, with the right writers.

So, where is Wonder Woman?

For that matter, where are all the female superheroes? Where are ANY of them?

This question is not so much about a movie or TV show-- and its non-existence, but what that represents or indicates.