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Published:May 16th, 2012 10:35 EST
El Tigre II by John H. Manhold: What An Adventure!

El Tigre II by John H. Manhold: What An Adventure!

By SOP newswire2

The adventure begins with a train robbery. An explosion. Gunshots. And that`s just in the Prologue of El Tigre II, by John H. Manhold. In El Tigre II the saga continues of the life of wealthy banker and rancher Johann Heinrich von Manfred whose exploits in the American Southwest have earned him the title of El Tigre, the Jaguar.

In this second book of the El Tigre Seriesa, Manhold takes the reader on another adventurous trip west. In addition to the expected gunfights and ambushes, knife and sword combat, and Old Western hostilities, John H. Manhold immerses the reader in a tale of strong family loyalty and deep Love seldom found in Western novels. El Tigre tackles trials and tribulations that range from Spanish land grants, California politics, and vigilante justice to European jealousies and intrigues that go back to von Manfred`s days at the Prussian Military Academy.

A veteran of World War Two and Korea, John H. Manhold is known in Cowboy Action Shooting circles as El Tigre Viejo, SASS Regulator #28083, a Life Member of the Single Action Shooting Society. Manhold is also a sculptor, whose works in bronze, alabaster and African wonder stone are in private collections and museums, including a bust of Judge Roy Bean,

SASS # 1, in the SASS Museum in Edgewood, New Mexico.

In addition, Manhold has published three award winning novels including Lobo, The strange Life of William Jameson, The Elymais Coin, and, of course , El Tigre. El Tigre II is published by Sarah Book Publishing of Brownsville, Texas and is available at

You won`t have to read the first book, El Tgre, to get into the El Tigre II story but this reviewer recommends that you do just that. (Copies are available in the SASS Mercantile.) The emotional last scène in El Tigre II will have you expecting another sequel.

(Sgt. Shuster, SASS Regulator #60835, is a social and cultural

Historian, founder of the Lincoln County Regulators in Ruidoso, NM, And source of SASS`s own Cowboy Action Coffee.

Dr. Manhold is a retired pathologist whose writing caliber is from a superb skill of trained professionals.

He is a language lexicon with absolute command of the English language.

El Tigre II has been reviewed in many magazines and journals.

His reputation as a vivid story teller precedes his name and has added accolades to his writing banner.

When Dr. Manhol was introduced to me, I went to search him online and discovered that I have found a writing gem for Sarah Book Publishing. Plus El Tigre II has already been edited. All we did was worked on the cover. Meticulously with my team.

I was born and raised in Nigeria. English was my second language. However, I was lucky to have been brought up in a catholic mission school, where we had no choice than to learn English language at an early age. I learned the English language, I spoke it pretty early in life and went through the big oxford dictionary at the mission house in order to be a master of the language and impress upon the leadership of the "Father". My encounter in the world of publishing had brought me into a different genre of use of English Language. It had thought me through writers like John, that it is not about the "big grammars and expressions, it is about the usability and flow"

What else can I say about Dr. John Manhold; ALL HAIL THE KING.