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Published:May 16th, 2012 10:48 EST
Western Genre at its Best: Jake Laughlin`s Second Bath in the Same Year

Western Genre at its Best: Jake Laughlin`s Second Bath in the Same Year

By SOP newswire2

Somewhere in Texas: In Jake Laughlin`s Second Bath in the Same Year, Cherokee Parks has given us a study in cowboy humor as well as an amusing tale of a middle aged cowboy`s reversal of fortune set inTexas in the late 1800`s. Borrowing from history and with strict geographical detail, he utilizes both historical figures and believable fictional characters that interact as seamlessly as if they were all real. After reading this story, you`ll find yourself wondering just how much was fiction, and how much was taken from the oral history of the area. 

Jake Laughlin is a crusty, middle-aged cowboy, content with his life except for having to deal with an old mossy-horned, red-eyed, ornery, bent on destruction Longhorn cow. Through a series of unexpected events, Jake ends up with the ability to fulfill all the dreams of his youth at a time when he, in his maturity, can truly appreciate it. He just has to deal with the Longhorn cow known as Bad Bertha once and for all. 

About the Author - Little is known about this reclusive Texas writer.  What is known is that he spins an excellent story, that he is a cowboy who still believes in, and lives by, the Code of the West, and that he has traveled the West extensively.  Beyond that, he remains a mystery. Look for other stories by this very talented Western author such as Hard Ride to Cora and Buck Grayson South Texas Freighter as well as upcoming releases. (Cherokee Parks is a member of Western Writers of America) 

Reviews:  "This is the 2nd book I have read by Cherokee Parks and I thought his other book, Buck Grayson - South Texas Freighter would be hard to beat....Well Jake Laughlin`s Second Bath in the Same Year is just as good, but with added humor to boot! I laughed out loud more than a few times while reading about `Big Bertha`, the mean Longhorn cow who dominates Jake in more ways than one. But it was Jake`s sudden change of life and how he finds the love of his life that flows so richly with life in 1880`sTexas. I have so enjoyed escaping into both of his stories and am looking forward to reading the next one, Hard Ride to Cora soon. A fun author to follow!" Kathi Monroe 

"Cherokee writes about the Old West with wit and sensitivity. His vision brings history to life." - Roxanne Smolen, Novelist