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Published:May 16th, 2012 12:01 EST
Why in this ERA of Feminist Revolution is There Still no Wonder Woman Movie or TV Series?

Why in this ERA of Feminist Revolution is There Still no Wonder Woman Movie or TV Series?

By SOP newswire2

World Without Wonder Woman

Everyone has their own personal opinion about what Wonder Woman represents. There is NO consensus about who she really is and what she stands for. 

Some people think Wonder Woman is all in the costume. Others think Wonder Woman is all about love and compassion. Still others believe she`s a fierce warrior. Some think she is a sex symbol, others do not. And virtually nobody knows the details about her comic book origin from the 1940`s and less know about her major origin change in 1987. But one thing a lot of people agree on is that whatever or whoever wonder woman is she is PERFECT IN EVERY WAY.  And you know what? Stories about perfect infallible people make for BORING STORIES. 

David E Kelley`s attempt to bring Wonder Woman to TV does not count? The show sucks because it`s NOT Wonder Woman? How can anyone possibly determine that based on one unfinished pilot episode?  TV shows at least 3 seasons plenty of room for character development. But everybody wants Wonder Woman to be perfect right out of the gate. That`s BORING.  Kelley`s Wonder Woman would have been entertaining as hell. We could have watched Wonder Woman develop into something special.  

Kelley`s show should have been picked up as one incarnation of Wonder Woman as Smallville was one incarnation of Superman.  

Seriously anybody who has read as many Wonder Woman comics would realise that Kelley`s Wonder Woman was very close to Comic book Wonder Woman`s in stubbornness, additude and strength of character. Was it a perfect adaptation? No, but at least we would have had a TV show.

Another thing is that everybody has their choice of character picked out for Wonder Woman. If this person is not cast then I am not watching the show tells me how shallow Wonder Woman fans really are. Let the director pick the actress for his own story it does not need anyone help other than his advisors and team. 

Wonder Woman is not a complex character. However, she is a character that needs to start at a journey and end up some place better and the journey is not supposed to be a walk in the PARK. It`s called character development. Right now everyone has their opinion about who she is. Let me tell you something Wonder Woman is a fantasy in the minds of people who think they know her the best. It`s all BS. 

Well, now that you people just trashed the Wonder Woman TV show for no good reason. NBC did not pick it up. And you know what? All you did is save the big corporate network money. What would be the harm in taking a wait and see attitude with the shows direction. EVEN if people hated it others could have liked it like Smallville. It could have built on the Wonder Woman franchise and help push Warner Bros to do a movie.  

Do you actually think Warner Bros is going to allow another TV show to be made? After the clueless Wonder Woman fans did not even give this show a chance? NEVER happen. This was our one SHOT and we all failed. 

FYI: Wonder Woman comics now are pretty much highly rated and selling faster than they have in years. Why? Because she is the opposite of some perfect ideal most people think she is. Her comics are actually a great read.

T. Essandoh