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Published:May 17th, 2012 19:33 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Giorgio Germont, Author of Two Destitutes (Cold and Darkness)

Judyth Piazza interviews Giorgio Germont, Author of Two Destitutes (Cold and Darkness)

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Giorgio Germont holds the pen again to write this novel in a quest to examine the most essential motives of existence; the irony of the daily tragedies and injustices of our world; our search for love, for happiness and our relationship with God and our conscience.

Germont has published two books previously. His collection of memoirs titled Thirty Dates with Death ", received the recognition of the USA Books Association as an award finalist in 2007.

Two Destitutes is a novel based on real life characters. Ismael is a beggar, a homeless vagabond that lives on the margin of society, surviving by the mercy of his fellow-man. Sergio Fabricio, the protagonist, is an ARMY gunner that served two tours of duty in the front lines of Afghanistan.

Upon his return, after suffering incredible tragedies in the horrors of war, the gunner realizes that society in this country is not prepared to receive its ex-combatants; the skills he learned in the battle field are of little use in civilian society despite the fact that soldiers sacrifice so much for her.

When the two characters meet, they become daily partners in misery, they share misfortunes and united live in the lowest level of need. They have reached a critical point in their life, a raw and painful existence without pretensions, trusting only in the fate and the hand of God.

What did it take for him to control his destiny one more time, what happened that gave him back his will to live?

Two Destitutes is the first novel by Giorgio Germont to be published by Sarah Book Publishing