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Published:May 17th, 2012 14:31 EST
Planet X: Is it Hidden From Earth's View?

Planet X: Is it Hidden From Earth's View?

By Ian Brockwell


I wrote an article just over a year ago entitled Planet XCover-Up? - Now you see it, now you don`t! " which indicated that maybe Google were involved in some attempt to try and hide the existence of this alleged planet.

In 2007, Google Earth clearly showed either a planet or a star on their space map, yet this later "vanished`. The object itself had not moved, but was concealed by a black oblong box, the only one that appeared on the map. You can see this for yourself by watching a video on YouTube (CLICKHERE).

There has been a lot of speculation over the years on the existence of a planet that appears close to Earth on a regular basis. It is sometimes referred to as Nibiru, but more commonly known as Planet X. The size of this planet is unknown (if it does exist), but some have said it is roughly the size of Earth, three times the size of our planet, or even the size of Jupiter!

Many have suggested that the arrival of Planet X is tied into the 2012 prophecy, but recent information suggests that the discovery of an earlier Mayan calendar rules out that idea. However, that does not mean that Planet X does not exist and some have offered theories on why we have not been able to see it yet.

Obviously, if there was some deliberate attempt to black-out the planet on Google Earth, this is clear proof that there is something out there that the authorities do not want us to see. But we are told that this may have occurred because of some technical problem when creating the map. This may be true, but a strange coincidence.


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Another reason why the object is difficult to spot (according to one report) is its path towards Earth, which may be so far South that it is difficult to notice by astronomers (a kind of blind spot).

It has also been suggested that Planet X may not be a planet at all and could be a brown dwarf star. So when scientists say that a "planet"  does not exist, they are technically correct?

Normally, when scientists make an interesting discovery, they are more than happy to publish their findings. However, if Planet X does exist and this information is being kept from us, you can be sure that is a bad sign for the rest of us. I am not saying that this elusive planet is on a collision course with Earth, but anything of potential size passing close by could cause serious problems (gravitational effects).

As I have said before, if Planet X is out there and coming our way, we will see it eventually, it can not stay hidden forever!