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Published:May 18th, 2012 11:15 EST

Top Ten Reasons Why Joshua Ledet Was Booted From American Idol

By Robert Paul Reyes

"`American Idol`" finalist Joshua Ledet won`t be belting it out on this season`s final showdown.The booming 20-year-old vocal powerhouse from Westlake, La., was revealed Thursday to have received the fewest viewer votes on the Fox talent contest, leaving bluesy 21-year-old crooner Phillip Phillips of Leesburg, Ga., and sassy 16-year-old budding diva Jessica Sanchez of San Diego, to compete for the show`s record deal grand prize on next week`s finale."



Joshua Ledet is a much better singer than Dave Matthews wannabe Phillip Phillips and emotionally-challenged Jessica Sanchez. If this were strictly a singing competition and you took all the other factors out of the equation Ledet would have been crowned the American Idol.


He`s an old school Gospel-tinged soul singer

His archaic style doesn`t fit in with today`s Top 40 radio. He`s out of touch with the young demographics of Idol.

He`s black

Who was the last black male winner? That would be Rueben Studdard who won nine years ago.

Everyone think he`s gay

Ledet could have turned his sexual orientation to his advantage by coming out of the closet during the competition. Such an act of courage would have motivated millions to vote for him.

He was the judges` pet

Sixteen standing ovations? Really? Nobody likes a teacher`s pet, and the judges puffing up of Ledet turned off many voters.

Too introverted

The only one he joked around with was his BFF Hollie Cavanagh. If Ledet had kidded around with the judges, and shown a little bit more personality he would have made more of a connection with the viewers.

Too flamboyant

Ledet may have been shy around others, but while performing he was too flamboyant: Screeching, hooting and prancing around the stage like a TV evangelist on crack.

He is a preacher`s kid

This dude was the teacher`s pet and a preacher`s kid -- let`s get real there was no way he was going to win it all.

He has no street cred

It`s an indictment of our society that we prefer our black artists to be a little rough around the edges. If Ledet has a reputation for patronizing strip clubs, instead of going to church, it would have helped him immensely.

He`s no Phillip Phillips

I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Ledet isn`t as handsome as the other contestants. Remember it`s tween girls who decide the winner.

Did I mention he`s perceived as being a gay who is too timid to come out of the closet?

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