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Published:May 19th, 2012 10:24 EST
American Israel Lobby: Democratic or Oligarchic?

American Israel Lobby: Democratic or Oligarchic?

By SOP newswire2

The EU and the US are the world`s largest democratic state unions that comprise over 11% of the global population but the essentials of European democracy are now so different to those practiced by the US lobby system that these fundamental differences need to be clarified and documented.

The EU consists of 27 member states [as of this date] with individual governments elected by a democratic process whereby representatives of the electorate act for, and in the interests of, all the voters within their constituencies " [and not only for the majority that voted for them].

Overall, this system conforms to the requirement of: government of the people, by the people and for the people i.e. democracy.

However, in the United States, so-called democratic government operates by command of, or in concert with, powerful minority groups who represent not the electorate as a whole but special interest groups such as the `gun` and   `pharma` lobbies, to name but two, out of many others. There is also the claimed most powerful political lobby of all, AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee " formerly known as the lobby of the American Zionist Council.

The first above mentioned lobbies, at least represent native Americans and American jobs, whilst the latter represents a foreign state with the agenda to formulate US government foreign policy in the Middle East plus the supplying of that state with armaments and military and civil aid, invariably funded by the US taxpayer.

This last group, working in the interests of a foreign state, operates an overt process to vet each member of congress, i.e. every candidate for election or re-election to the House of Representatives and the senate. If any potential legislator declines to adopt the agenda of the Israel lobby, then they are most unlikely to be elected, or re-elected. The consequence is that congress, in certain vital matters of state, and state security, represents not the citizens of America, but the people of Israel, in the Middle East.

From the European perspective or from that of another democratic state, the so-called American democratic model is, in fact, an oligarchy.

Within an oligarchy, the members share a leadership that allows a group of people, absolute power over certain aspects of government. The difference between an oligarchy and a democratic government is that such shared leadership is not dependent upon the will of the people. Therefore, an oligarchy is a form of shared dictatorship in which the  `people` have a limited role in government.

In other words, the power of government rests within a group of privileged or powerful individuals, often small, self-appointed elite, whose decision on any matter is final. This group is usually powerful by virtue of wealth, military strength, ruthlessness or political influence. Its background may, or may not, be rooted in ethnic or religious culture.

The word  `democracy` is from the Greek  `demokratia` meaning government by the people. The word  `oligarchy` is from the Greek for  `few` and  `rule`.

The former is the practice of social equality whilst the latter conveys the opposite, i.e. inequality, and the most dangerously insidious is that which falsely claims to be the other.

© May 2012. Douglas Reed, Durban, South Africa