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Published:May 19th, 2012 12:18 EST

Video: Dude Gets Beat Up At Music Festival For Kicking Snooki Impersonator

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Remember that classic moment in `Jersey Shore` where Snooki got decked in the face by some moron? Well, a copycat crime just occurred at Rockfest in Kansas City, as a Snooki doppleganger got her faced kicked in by a similar moron - only this time, the attacker got the hell beat out of him at the music festival, which was headlined by Slash, Shinedown and Five Finger Death Punch."



Snooki represents the worst aspects of our culture, but no gentleman should ever punch a woman, regardless how unladylike she may be.

If you don`t like Snooki and the libertine philosophy she represents write an article registering your contempt of her behavior, but never resort to violence.

Only a fool would hit a Snooki impersonator, or any other woman, at a rock festival that features groups like "Slash" and "Five Finger Death Punch."

Needless to say the Snooki attacker got the hell beat out of him, it`s heartwarming to see solid citizens take action against evildoers.

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