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Published:May 21st, 2012 17:49 EST

Sweet Old Lady, 99, Gets Her Birthday Wish: Helicopter Ride

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Georgene Barto, about to turn 99 and saying `I`ve been waiting a long time for this,` got her birthday wish: a helicopter ride.

The flight was part of the Second Wind Dreams program at the facility where she has lived for four years, Elmcroft of Chippewa Senior Living Community. Residents are asked for a wish to be fulfilled, Elmcroft public relations director Melissa Chambers said, and after fishing trips and golf outings had been arranged for other residents, a helicopter ride was a surprise, and a first."



I`m thrilled the old gal was able to fulfill the top wish on her bucket list before she kicked the bucket. From a liability perspective it wasn`t that much of a risk, chances are is that nothing bad was going to happen in a 20-minute helicopter ride.

The Second Wind Dreams program is a great idea, and I hope that other rest homes will institute a similar program.

You can make a senior citizen`s wish come true, just ask somebody you know who lives in a retirement home what you can do for them. They may ask you to go bungee jumping with them, but they will probably make a more modest and safe request. All they may desire is for you to take them to church or to a movie.

Life is short, and one day you may also end up in a rest home -- do a good deed for an elderly person.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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