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Published:May 21st, 2012 16:07 EST

'Topless Queen' T-Shirt Sparks Controversy In Merry Old England

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A FASHION firm has sparked outrage after selling a T-Shirt emblazoned with a topless image of the Queen carrying the slogan `Loverly Jubilees`."

The Sun


"Jubilees" is British slang for boobs, a most appropriate word for a part of a woman`s anatomy that causes much jubilation in Merry Old England, as well as here in the states.

The T-Shirt is bloody genius, and the Queen has no right to complain. At least the T-Shirt manufacturer didn`t use the body of a jubilees-challenged celeb like Paris Hilton.

This tasteful T-Shirt is a homage to the Queen`s Diamond Jubilee, she should join in the spirit of fun by wearing one of the controversial T-Shirts.

Even The Sex Pistols couldn`t have come up with a better way to honor the Queen! God save the Queen!

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