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Published:May 22nd, 2012 16:11 EST
Joel Osteen Did Not Accurately Describe Mormon Beliefs

Joel Osteen Did Not Accurately Describe Mormon Beliefs

By SOP newswire2


Your recent article about Joel Osteen did not accurately describe Mormon beliefs.  Mormons do not believe temple garments are magic or give them power; the phrase "magic underwear" is used only by mockers and is not accurate in any sense of the word.  Temple garments are intended simply as a reminder of the covenants they make with God in the temple. 

While it is true that Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are spirit brothers, they also believe that every single person who ever has or ever will exist is a spirit sibling to both of them and to each other.  Jesus differs from everyone else however in that he is both the spiritual and literal son of God the Father, which makes him perfect and a god himself. 

Contrary to the implication Mormons also share your belief that "Jesus is the second Person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit gives power, and Satan tried to be god and is condemned to hell."  It is one thing to compare Mormon beliefs with those of evangelicalism but to distort them like this is bearing false witness, plain and simple.  However, given the commonness of such misconceptions I am certain it was unintentional.

Furthermore I don`t see how any of this is relevant to Romney`s performance as a future president.  We are voting for a president, not a pastor-in-chief.  Ron Paul is a good moral man with good ideas but he failed to win a single primary and in one state he came in behind Rick Santorum after the latter had dropped out. 

Given this lack of support, how in the world can he possibly hope to win on write-in votes?  He will only take away from Romney`s votes and help Obama to seize another four years in office.  You are entitled to your opinion of course but I just thought I`d mention that since I`m writing to you anyway.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Wishing you well,
Christopher Nicholson