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Published:May 23rd, 2012 22:06 EST
A True Fact! Not Fiction!

A True Fact! Not Fiction!

By SOP newswire



The term "Communication is the Key" has been redefined.  It is where fact is combined with fiction to create a myth.   


Social Media has us putting all of our personal business in the street, regardless of the circumstances. This will allow us to receive an endless amount of attention, from family and friends. There is no one being held liable for the backlash or the relentless bully, leading to others committing suicide. We are stilling waiting to develop that social responsibility app for our Android and iPhone.


Hollywood and the Internet are the contributing factors in making us believe anything less than perfection is unacceptable. This has us subjecting others to a check list of unobtainable demands, as part of our Unrealistic Reality "


The modern day hero has a platform in various genres, telling us to attach our name, socialize and affiliate ourselves to a self created interpretation of moral values on how we as a society should be living our lives. That no matter what women have accomplished and contributed to the world. They are community property and will always be second to a man.  Our today`s youth are being told to adapt an incarcerated persona, to look and act like a criminal, unless someone reacts to treating us like one. That will not be tolerated or socially acceptable, because common sense & respect are unavailable for purchase on line.


America is the land where the refugees of the world have fled for decades to escape political, religious and racial turmoil. Now, we have become a country that is ridiculing and discriminating against one another for social acceptance. Social conflict has the highest return in dividends. Unfortunately, it can not be purchased. But it is being traded on Wall Street.  


There are those who are suffering from delusions of grandeur. They feel their race designed, developed and created this country. The rest of us would like for you to provide us with legal documentation, stating your claim. Who made you more superior and God did not put you in charge! 


By Robaire Watson