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Published:May 23rd, 2012 12:51 EST

Banned License Plate In Maryland: Heroin

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Maryland`s Motor Vehicle Administration said combinations of numbers and letters banned from the state`s license plates include `HEROIN` and `KILLALL.`"



In these days when there are so many people with a quick temper, it`s a good idea not to have a controversial license plate that might set them off.

A fool with a "Heroin" license plate will attract the unwanted attention of cops, druggies and anti-drug crusaders. A cop will pull over a moron with a "Heroin" plate if he goes a couple of miles over the posted speed limit. The police officer will figure that he might get lucky and finds controlled substances in his vehicle.

A heroin addict will be tempted to break into a car with a `Heroin` plate in the hopes that he will find the substance he craves. It wouldn`t be the most unusual thing in the world to find heroin in a car that advertises the illegal drug.

An anti-drug crusader might vandalize the automobile of someone brazen enough to promote the use of illegal drugs. I wouldn`t shed any tears if someone set on fire the ride of an idiot who promoted the use of such a destructive drug.

Don`t be a idiot, if you can`t live without a personalized license plate, at least choose an innocuous plate like: CatLover

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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