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Published:May 23rd, 2012 19:18 EST
Does Anything Eat Wasps?

Does Anything Eat Wasps?

By Tony Graff

New Scientist magazine has had a column for over a decade where people could write in with their questions, no matter how bizarre or random they seemed. They gained enough popularity that in 2010 they released a collection of these questions, and the responses from readers the world over, in Does Anything Eat Wasps?

I cracked open this book thinking it would be another bathroom reader. Just another book that can be opened to any page, read for a few minutes, and set it down without any compulsion to continue.

Does Anything Eat Wasps proved me wrong. Only a few of the questions were the kind that helps pass the time. The rest of them were very real, informative, and fun. The types of questions were ones that people wondered about, including me, and some were ones I didn`t know were more in-depth than the assumed answers. While I hadn`t really asked myself about surfing on lava, but making beer in space and why pineapples have spines were great questions to read about.

If this book does end up residing in my bathroom, it`ll be the best book found there. Definitely worth borrowing from someone or receiving as a gift.