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Published:May 23rd, 2012 18:12 EST
Finding Your Way Through the Jungle of Social Media Websites

Finding Your Way Through the Jungle of Social Media Websites

By Nikki Savastone

I like to think I`m all about social media. I even like to think I understand some of the inner workings because I manage the social media marketing for my company. However, when I discovered this little gem, my mind almost exploded. 

Just take a second to digest what this graphic below is telling us. (Note - You`re right, Pinterest is not included. I like to think this only further proves the point I`m about to make.)

1. Follow along with me on this one. Start with building a Facebook page. Then, download some apps to keep Fans coming back to your Page. Well, you`re off to a great start but you better find some additional analytics with an site. Your Facebook is doing great! You better get your Twitter account started and look into some Twitter apps to keep you in the know. Wait, now you have too many Fans to manage your Facebook and Twitter independently so let`s look into a marketing management site. At this point, do you really have any idea what sites your on or what exactly they`re doing for you? I`m going to guess probably not. So, lesson one - less is more and this goes for fancy social media sites too. 

2. This graphic probably took a good deal of research to put together and the creator did a great job. But, what about that increasingly popular site where you pin images/links to your boards...oh yes, Pinterest! My point folks is that when will enough be enough and how will we ever know where one social media site ends and the other begins? The jury is definitely still out.


Disclaimer: This ridiculous infographic is brought to you by Business Insider. Please click the image to reach the original article.

So, what is my solution/suggestion in this overwhelming social world? Test a few different sites out. Find a user-friendly analytics program and weed out what is generating the best reponse for your business/personal enjoyment, etc. Then, become a master of that site. Try to learn all the in and outs. It`s a lot easier to follow the almost daily updates of a few sites and use said updates to their greatest potential than to muddle through a dozen different platforms a day.

I think this will make your social media management a lot more enjoyable and you might just keep your strategy down to a few pages. OK, maybe quite a few pages.