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Published:May 23rd, 2012 15:13 EST
Maine's Young Adults Concerned Over Poor Economy, Joblessness

Maine's Young Adults Concerned Over Poor Economy, Joblessness

By SOP newswire

Generation Opportunity`s (GO) grassroots field team - which has been active in states around the nation - engaged young voters at BA5 "Business After 5" After Hours Social, organized by the Scarborough Chamber of Commerce, as well as Old Orchard Beach`s "Beerfest on the Pier" last weekend. More than 4,000 people attended the annual Old Orchard event, where GO field organizers met with and listened to the concerns of hundreds of young people. Young Mainers cited continued economic stagnation and the lackluster job market as their top concerns.

"Having grown up in Maine, I can tell you there is palpable frustration with the lack of economic opportunity in the state, and rightly so," said Paul T. Conway, President of Generation Opportunity, former Chief of Staff to the US Department of Labor, and a native Belfast, Maine. "Maine`s young voters are fiercely independent and tired of suffering the results of failed national policies dictated by elected leaders in Washington who lecture on fairness. Young people are very savvy and know they are being forced to delay their dreams as a direct result of President Obama`s policies. I think what you are seeing is more and more young Americans asking, `What is fair about that?`"

Generation Opportunity`s field teams have been organizing in states across the country, including, California, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Nevada, Michigan, and Virginia, but this was the group`s first effort in the Pine Tree State.

Young Americans ages 18-29 " including those in Maine " continue to face historic challenges as a result of the weak economy and persistently high unemployment that has disproportionately affected young people. A new study released this week by Rutgers University reported that only half (51%) of college graduates since 2006 have found full-time employment.

Generation Opportunity commissioned a poll with the polling company, inc./WomanTrend (April 16 " 22, 2011, +/- 4% margin of error) and a highlighted result for all young Americans ages 18-29 appears below:

Young Americans Reject Washington Leadership and Failed Economic Policies: 

54% believe America is on the wrong track, only 24% believe the U.S. is headed in the right direction.

69% say the current leadership in Washington fails to reflect the interests of the younger generation.

Just 31% of 18 " 29 year-olds approve of President Obama`s handling of youth unemployment.

59% of overall Millennials agree the economy grows best when individuals are allowed to create businesses without government interference.

69% prefer reducing federal spending over raising taxes on individuals in order to balance the federal budget.

Young Americans " Delayed Dreams from a Poor Economy and the Lack of Opportunity:

77% of young people ages 18-29 either have or will delay a major life change or purchase due to economic factors:

44% delay buying a home;

28% delay saving for retirement;

27% delay paying off student loans or other debt;

27% delay going back to school/getting more education or training;

26% delay changing jobs/cities;

23% delay starting a family;

18% delay getting married.


Generation Opportunity is a non-profit, non-partisan 501 (c)(4) organization that seeks to engage everyone from young adults, to early career professionals, college students, young mothers and fathers, construction workers, current service men and women, veterans, entrepreneurs, and all Americans who find themselves dissatisfied with the status quo and willing to create a better tomorrow.

Generation Opportunity operates on a strategy that combines advanced social media tactics with proven field tactics to reach Americans 18-29. The organization`s social media platforms - "Being American by GO," The Constitution by GO," and "Gas Prices Are Too Damn High" on Facebook - have amassed a total fan base of more than 3.3 million. All three pages post links to relevant articles and reports from sources ranging from the federal General Accountability Office (GAO), to The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Brookings Institution, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, and The Heritage Foundation.


Read about Generation Opportunity here; visit  Being American by GO on Facebook here, The Constitution by GO on Facebook here, and  Gas Prices Are Too Damn High on Facebook here.

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