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Published:May 23rd, 2012 10:54 EST
Thinking Superheroes: A New Kind of Superhero

Thinking Superheroes: A New Kind of Superhero

By Sean Stubblefield

I propose that it is time-- maybe passed time-- for a new kind of superhero. A new model of superhero in which intellectual prowess is emphasized over physical prowess.  

Batman is the world`s greatest detective; Superman`s Kryptonian mind enables a genius level IQ; Wonder Woman is a peaceful warrior ambassador; Spider-Man and The Hulk are both brilliant scientists.

And yet, 90% of the time, these characters are contrived to solve problems and combat enemies with force instead of mind.

I say this is obsolete and a cop out; narrative laziness and irresponsibility.

Reducing characters like this to instruments of physical violence is a betrayal of the character, and of the audience.

Instead of elevating these characters to fulfill their highest and noblest potential, their writers are forcing them into beating up the enemy. Limiting them to scenarios where the bad guys must be beaten (literally) with brawn, neglects the character`s capacity to use brains.

A few examples of this new form of Superhero have already appeared on TV to show us the way:

Doctor Who, The 4400, Millennium, Touch, Journeyman, Leverage, John Doe, Wonderfalls, Dead Zone, Tru Calling.