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Published:May 24th, 2012 12:16 EST

Drunk Driver Had Zebra Riding Shotgun

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Iowa said a man arrested on a drunken driving charge had a zebra and a macaw in the front seat of his truck.

Dubuque police said Jerald Reiter, 55, of Cascade had his exotic pets in the front seat of his truck when he was pulled over Sunday as he left the Dog House Lounge, KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids reported Wednesday."



If you are determined to take your pet zebra with you when you drive to your favorite bar, you should at least put the zebra in the back seat. The zebra might get excited if he sees a police horse or Sarah Jessica Parker and kick you in the nuts.

This dude is going straight from the Dog House to the Big House; I hope his girlfriend takes good care of the zebra while the jackass is in jail.

The drunkard said he was not planning to drive home and was about to let a passenger take the wheel when the cops showed up. Who was going to take the wheel, the bird or the zebra?

That a gander at this dude`s mugshot! He looks like Satan`s stepchild!

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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