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Published:May 25th, 2012 11:51 EST

'Jersey Shore' Reality Star Snooki Wants Boob Job After Baby Is Born

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Snooki revealed one of the things she would do after giving birth to her child. The 24-year-old `Jersey Shore` star said she wanted to go under the knife for a boob job and would rely on breastfeeding to lose her post-baby weight.


`They`re huge!` the mom-to-be told In Touch in its new issue about her breasts which increased from a C to a D cup during her pregnancy. `I heard breast-feeding hurts, but it will help me bounce right back,` she went on. `Then, I want to get a boob job!`"


Becoming a parent is an awesome responsibility, and a woman about to give birth for the first time often reflects on what she can do to be the best mom in the world.

When my best friend was pregnant for the first time she told me that she was going to enroll in college because she didn`t want her child to think of her as only a high school graduate.

What`s the first thing Snooki plans on doing after her baby is born? Why get a boob job of course! What a boob! Snooki, have you thought about setting a good example for your child and for all the boobs who follow you on Twitter, and getting a college degree?

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