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Published:May 26th, 2012 22:57 EST
Leaked Abortion Records Handed Over to Board of Healing Arts

Leaked Abortion Records Handed Over to Board of Healing Arts

By SOP newswire

An investigator from the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts (KSBHA) met with Operation Rescue took custody of the abortion records leaked from a confidential informant earlier this month. An investigation into violations, including the non-reporting of child abuse by abortionist Ronald Yeomans and the Central Family Medical (CFM) abortion clinic in Kansas City, Kansas, is currently being conducted by the KSBHA. CFM is also known as Aid for Women.

Leaked Records Expose Abortion Abuses at Kansas City Abortion Clinic

"We had a productive meeting with the Board representative. We emphasized that the pre-printed Supplemental Termination of Pregnancy forms indicate that this clinic never reports suspected child sex abuse. The evidence clearly shows that this clinic is placing young girls at risk for further abuse, and that is something that should be a top priority for the Board and for law enforcement," said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.

"We understand that given the tumultuous history of abortion investigations in Kansas, no one wants to touch this hot potato. Because of that, and because complaint letters sent anonymously last year were ignored, Operation Rescue has copied the abortion clinic documents and retains unredacted copies to prevent the authorities from acting like the evidence never existed. We will not allow abortion clinic crimes to be swept under the rug once again."

Operation Rescue has been in contact with representatives from the Attorney General`s office and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, where complaints regarding the illegally dumped abortion patient information were also filed.

Central Family Medical is owned by disgraced abortionist Malcom Knarr, who after repeated disciplinary actions, is no longer licensed to practice medicine in Kansas.

The leaked documents contained the following information:

Names of abortion patients, ages, and contact information.
The date and cost of the abortions.   

Fetal sonograms with patient information
Written admission that the only suction mechanism CFM has to clear airways is a uterine cannula attached to the abortion suction machine that would likely injure the trachea.

Written admission that CFM will not intubate patients who need it out of fear of lawsuits.

Written admission that the surgical assistants have no licensing whatsoever.


"We appreciate the time the Board is taking to look into this matter. We insist that Attorney General Derek Schmidt`s office would do the same. Vulnerable girls deserve better than to have the state`s top cop look the other way when abortion clinics hand them back to their abusers," said Newman.


Voice concerns to:

KS Atty. Gen. Derek Schmidt
Voice: 1-888-428-8436
Fax: (785) 296-6296
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