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Published:May 27th, 2012 18:17 EST

Israeli Woman Chooses Her 550 Cats Over Her Husband

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Israeli man says he wants to divorce his wife because she refuses to part with her 550 cats.

He told the court he was unable to sleep in the couple`s bedroom because his wife`s hundreds of cats were constantly sleeping on the bed.


The man said the cats also blocked his access to the bathroom and did not allow him to cook in the kitchen, the Hebrew daily Maariv reported Wednesday. When he sat down at the table to eat, the cats would jump up and steal his food, he said in his divorce request."


There has never been a time in my adult life when I didn`t have at least one cat in my home, but I draw the line at two felines. If you own more than two cats, friends will come up with excuses to avoid setting foot inside your stinky home.

How could this wimp sleep, let alone make love to his wife, in a bed full of furry critters? If he knocked boots with his wife, and he heard a scream, he wouldn`t be able to tell if it was his spouse screaming in pleasure or an animal screaming in pain because he rolled over it.

How could this dude even think about eating in a home that stinks to high heaven? I`d rather live in the dog house than inside a house with 550 cats.

The woman couldn`t part with her beloved pets, and she chose her cats over her hubby. The man has been whipped by hundreds of pu[s]sy cats; you know what that makes him. He should have kicked his crazy wife and her cats out of the house.

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