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Published:May 27th, 2012 21:18 EST
Pastor Andrew Concerned over Support for 'Mormon Mitt Romney'

Pastor Andrew Concerned over Support for 'Mormon Mitt Romney'

By SOP newswire

Pastor Steven Andrew of USA Christian Ministries has a passion for Americans to love God. He doesn`t want to see an issue at a higher priority than Jesus Christ. A concern he has are the pro-life and marriage organizations that promote Mormon Mitt Romney. He believes they are betraying Jesus our Savior. 

"It is disappointing for Christians to see Susan B. Anthony List, the National Right to Life and the National Organization for Marriage spend money on Mormon Mitt Romney. Jesus Christ is the second Person of the Godhead, but Mormons think Jesus is a created being, the spirit brother of Lucifer. Mormons believe in another Jesus," the ministry President says. See video here

As a Mormon, Romney also believes that he will become a god and that Christians are inferior. Christians consider Mormon beliefs to be evil. 

He tried to talk to these organizations privately not to betray Jesus-but they refused. He says, "The USA can`t follow Europe`s downfall. Europe took God out of politics and started being called `Conservatives` instead of Christians. Then Christians got arrested. Pastors must speak up for Jesus." 

He explains that these organizations promoting other gods is a greater sin than abortion and homosexual sin. He says, "The First Commandment is to love God. The first of the Ten Commandments is to have no other god before the LORD, and the Great Commission is to teach all things Jesus commanded." 

God says those who preach another gospel-as Mormons do-are "accursed" (Galatians 1:9). 

"The USA`s problems are because of sin. We must turn to God to fix our economy and bring back freedom (Deuteronomy 28, Nehemiah 9:32-38, Leviticus 26)," he explains and shows how in his book "Making A Strong Christian Nation." 

Like John Adams declared, "Let the pulpits thunder against oppression [King George]," Pastor Steven calls Christians across the USA to publicly renounce Romney`s Mormonism and Obama`s sins, so God will bless the USA. 

Our Founding Fathers call for Christians in government and liberty. "Ron Paul is the only Christian running for President. Paul opposes tyranny and has the votes to win. Christians need to find a way for Ron Paul to be President," he says. "Voting for Romney or Obama is adultery to God." 

Pastor Steven Andrew is organizing 1000 pastors to pastor the USA. He is raising funds to buy TV time and to expand. To help support these ministries, click here.