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Published:May 29th, 2012 15:37 EST

'Jersey Shore' House No Better Than A Crack House, Snooki Moving Out!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Snooki is moving out of the `Jersey Shore` house this summer.

The very pregnant reality star - who became a household name because of her drinking binges and clueless shenanigans - is instead taking her own place with fiancé Jionni LaValle not far from the Seaside Heights, NJ, beach house, according to reports.
She wants to stay out of the furniture-flinging crossfire and boozy house parties that are the show`s trademarks."


New York Post

The "Jersey Shore" house isn`t a safe place for a baby, or anyone who isn`t a drug-addled moron. It certainly isn`t an ideal home for a pregnant woman -- a crack house would be a more fitting place for a pregnant lady to call home.

Once Snooki`s baby is born, she shouldn`t visit the `Jersey Shore` house with her bundle of joy unless the poor thing is adequately protected. The infant should wear a helmet, a breathing apparatus (so he won`t breathe in marijuana smoke), leak-proof diapers (to prevent JWoww from consuming the baby`s poop thinking it`s black tar heroin), face covered with oil (to prevent the innocent thing from getting kissed and getting an unmentionable disease) and garlic to ward off vampires.

In fact, if Snooki really cares about her baby she will break off all contact with her "Jersey Shore" clueless friends.

Editor`s Note: I have no proof JWoww is a drug addict, but she should never be in the same room with an infant. God forbid, she might use the baby as a bong.

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