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Published:May 30th, 2012 11:12 EST
Sarah Book Publishing Presents Jose Antonio Jarimba's Book "Human Mold"

Sarah Book Publishing Presents Jose Antonio Jarimba's Book "Human Mold"

By SOP newswire2

His Journey. His Discovery. His Book Brought to You By Our SBP Team

Jose Antonio Jarimba was born in Madeira Island, Portugal. Growing up, he experienced the beauty of nature-fresh air, water from volcanic rocks, the sea, and the incredible flora. At the age of nineteen he moved to England and lived there for two years. At an opportune time his employment with passenger cruise lines enabled him to embark on a journey of world travel. His experiences with many different people worldwide, gave him the opportunity to interact and observe them. After eventually settling in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico, it was during this time that he did independent research for the Human Mold Method project.

Book Description:

Jose A. Jarimba was born in Madeira Island, Portugal, a small island 400 nautical miles off the coast of Morocco near the Canary Islands, Spain. Early in his life he was intrigued by the human body, its appearance, its expressions, its defects, its physical shape and its origin from inception. During his years of observation, he noticed that a majority of the people walked somewhat irregular or with a slight off gait or stride. That simple observation was the driving force that led Jarimba to this project, as well as to do the necessary research to find out why our bodies are physically misaligned to various degrees, and how it impacts our health. In the words of Jose A. Jarimba, "I hope that my observations will one day have a positive impact in the health system and the entire human population."


It is with great honor and a challenge, especially been a physician, to present this book to you. Jose`s energy in conducting a research and writing a book of this genre I must say is amazing. I was very impressed at his enthusiasm when I met him.

I strongly recommend reading the Human Mold.

Oladayo A. Sanusi, MD, FACP, FASN.
Founder, Sarah Book Publishing.