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Published:May 31st, 2012 13:49 EST
Prof. Bhim Singh Visits London University Students

Prof. Bhim Singh Visits London University Students

By SOP newswire

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party visited ULU Headquarters at London University. He was received by the office bearers of the University Students Union and welcomed in the Headquarters where he was functioning 41 years back in 1971 as a Secretary of the London Students Union. Prof. Bhim Singh also visited the Office of University Journal, `The Sennet` which he edited from 1971 to 1972 as the Editor of the University Magazine.

The Students Union President congratulated Prof. Bhim Singh for carrying the glory of the university all over the world. Prof. Bhim Singh expressed hope that the London University shall provide social, moral and spiritual education to the students who come to London with a great hope and enthusiasm.

Prof. Bhim Singh expressed gratitude to the University for maintaining a secular and non-racial affinity which is the essence of the universal society. He also shared his experiments of his world travels on motorcycle for peace mission for five years and felt happy that he has learnt from his world university that "humanity is my religion" and the world is my country though India has been my home. He strongly advocated for complete disarmament to attain world peace to save this universe from the scourge of wars and destruction. He said armament, hatred and nuclear arsenal are threat to the entire human race. It is only the new generation which has to take up the mission for universal peace, equality, equity and mutual goodwill.               

Prof. Bhim Singh also met some of the old friends in London. He shall be addressing the Asia Centre this evening in London on the situation in the Middle-East particularly in Palestine and Syria.

Sd/-Dr. J.P. Agarwal