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Published:June 1st, 2012 22:07 EST
Seeking Outside The Hollywood Bubble

Seeking Outside The Hollywood Bubble

By Sean Stubblefield

People who contradict the current popular perspective, pointing out the uncomfortably obvious discrepancies, are likely to be shunned and repressed by the ones being exposed. So it is between Artemis Eternal Wingmen and Hollywood.


To a Wingman (those who support the Artemis Eternal project), Hollywood is naked, cloaked with its own myopic and insipid insularity.

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When an independent and innovative media project like Artemis Eternal comes along, entertainment journalists (allegedly) often don`t know what to do with it. Or if they do know, their corporate-minded masters keep them too afraid or too restricted to report on it-- properly or otherwise. They exist in a Hollywood bubble; which, in turn, extends that bubble over the minds of the general public. Artemis Eternal (AE) is media activism and advocacy, promoting media literacy; thereby bursting the status quo of that Hollywood bubble.

Conventional movie and entertainment press tend to consider Artemis Eternal antagonistic. Assuming those mainstream entertainment media venues even bother to consider the project. They are resisting AE as much as possible. Because AE reveals the incestuous banality and idiocy of not only the mainstream entertainment media, but the entertainment culture fostered by Hollywood. Typical entertainment journalism is designed or coerced to proliferate a Hollywood mythology, and a corporate induced status quo. Their purpose, clearly, is to be superficial and prevaricating-- making the audience less informed about Hollywood, media conglomerates, filmmaking and related topics. As with most government officials, it is in the interest of most media companies that you not understand how they work. Your ignorance keeps you from opposing or questioning them; and through that ignorance, ultimately condoning and supporting them. They don`t want you-- the public-- to be media literate and media savvy.

AE is moving a reform film, and filmmaking ethos, through the place it`s designed to reform. Like Obama intending to change the political system inside the system. While their reaction has been disappointing, it is not exactly unexpected. The AE team is endeavoring to make a world-class sci-fi film, fully independent of conventional studio and corporate resources. What AE is essentially attempting to do is establishing a proof-of-concept and flagship production.

By this point what AE has accomplished is already an amazing achievement. Industry professionals and indie media creators understand this value. They have an easier time understanding progress on creator-owned projects and dreams of big idea projects that challenge the establishment are popular in the digital space.

If they don`t intrinsically understand AE`s initiative, they are not going to spend time trying to understand. The press that covers movies either does not understand, or is not interested. Surely, this is due to the blatant criticism of media conglomerates and entertainment press that AE conducts and innately represents.

There is a noticeable trend in this project of indie media components understanding and covering the project. Usually, movies and other media items aren`t promoted based on merit-- alas, even trailers before films are often paid placements!

And why can`t they write aggressively and exploratively about the culture inside their own industry and parent company? Which is why AE exists and operates the way it does. What AE is doing challenges everything mainstream media journalists are -- and, so far, that makes them uncomfortable, embarrassed.

Artemis Eternal team leader Jessica Mae Stover asks:

Who is brave enough to discuss what needs to be done to improve the landscape? Not just that there`s a problem, but specifics?

The answer is becoming Artemis Eternal Wingmen.