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Published:June 3rd, 2012 14:59 EST
Christian Teenagers to Gather in Washington for the Future of America

Christian Teenagers to Gather in Washington for the Future of America

By SOP newswire


Teenagers are often accused of not caring about serious issues, especially political ones. But this summer hundreds of teenagers across the country are gathering because they want to see Christian`s make a difference. They care. 

Generation Joshua, a division of the Home School Legal Defense Association, is hosting its 14th iGovern Summer Leadership Camp in Purcellville, VA. Here, high school students from across the country will come to hear wonderful Christian speakers, participate in simulations of the electoral and legislative processes and learn the ideals of limited government. Conservative principles of faith and family are emphasized, as well as a respect for and understanding of the Founders and their ideals for America. The high school students will have a chance to visit Washington D.C., many for the first time, to meet with senators and ambassadors, as well as experience all of the sights that D.C. has to offer. 

Will Estrada, Director of Generation Joshua, paints a picture of iGoven`s purpose, "This is a chance to challenge and prepare the leaders of tomorrow to hold tight to their faith as they navigate the pitfalls of the political realm." 

It`s common for high school students to attend summer camp, but usually the only goal is fun. These students come for knowledge; they spend 60 hours in classes and simulations designed to not only teach them about government, but get them ready to participate in the political process. 

HSLDA President Mike Smith says "Faith comes before political activism at iGovern. Students are taught that while advancing the principles of individual responsibility and limited government as models for earthly governments is important, advancing the Kingdom of God is more important. This is why I`m sold on iGovern for our children." 

iGovern is designed to test students in the extreme, with each day starting at 7 a.m and ending at 10 p.m. There is little free time due to the high volume of activities, each designed to place the students in high intensity and often stressful situations. Success in the various scenarios takes tremendous effort, leadership, and teamwork -- and is far from guaranteed. Students are allowed to make mistakes and are encouraged to learn from them as they navigate the challenges a week of iGovern presents. 

In a few short years, iGovern attendees have gone on to do great things, some becoming filmmakers, small business owners, and even campaign managers, all while fresh out of high school. iGovern is a truly one of a kind experience. Generation Joshua Founder and Chairmen Michael Farris explains, "iGovern is a powerful force in preparing our nation`s youth to defend the principles and values our founders fought so desperately to secure." 

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