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Published:June 4th, 2012 16:28 EST

Elderly Doo-Wop Groups Terrorize Residents Of New York City! Big Apple On Edge!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Residents of New York`s West Village neighborhood say they want the city to put an end to street corner singing by doo-wop groups.

Residents and business owners said the singers, who have been serenading tourists on street corners for years, are too loud and often not very good, the New York Post reported Monday.


`I can hear these guys right outside my window, and after 15 years, I would like to shoot them all dead,` Bleecker Street resident Rosemary Bella was quoted as saying at a recent Sixth Precinct community meeting, the newspaper said."


I knew that the Big Apple has a problem with aggressive panhandlers, violent gangstas, stinky homeless and brazen hookers, but I had no idea doo-wop groups were such a threat to the quality of life.

Most of the doo-wop singers are senior citizens, gee it`s not like a bunch of young punks who favor Death Metal are screaming: Let`s burn this mother down!

I`m a pop culture critic and I`m often criticized for being too hard on celeb bimbos, but I`m no Rosemary Bella. I`ve never opined that I would like to shoot dead all the reality stars and clueless celebs.

Can we all just get along? These dear old crooners don`t have anything to do but go to the store and buy Depends, feed pigeons and sing in street corners.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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