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Published:June 4th, 2012 17:05 EST

Video: Insane Artist Turns Dead Cat Into Helicopter! Creepiest Thing Ever!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Dutch artist said he decided to pay tribute to his departed cat by turning the departed feline`s taxidermied remains into a working helicopter.

Bart Jansen said his cat, Orville, was named after legendary aviator Orville Wright and the feline`s namesake helped inspire him to transform the stuffed remains into a radio-controlled helicopter with the help of RC expert Arjen Beltman, The Mirror, Britain, reported Monday."



Jansen is making the remains of his beloved cat into an object of ridicule, this is a catastrophe and Jansen should be whipped with a cat o` nine tails.

When Jansen dies I hope his partner uses a shovel to widen one of his orifices, and turns him into a garbage can.

This is an obscenity and in no way does it qualify as performance art; I hope the devil turns up the heat when Jansen goes to hell.

Jansen`s stunt is an insult to the memory of his cat and the Wright brothers.

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